Winter 2020


Flexible Rate 

Guests can cancel their reservation

for free

up to 30 days

before the check-in.

In case of a national lockdown in Italy or closure of Italian national borders,

the deposits will be returned or

will be made available

for a future reservation.






Cabina inverno con la neve

Dolomiti Super Première 


From 01.12.2020 to 19.12.2020


By making a reservation

of at least 4 nights,

you will get one night for FREE! 







Image by Sebastian Staines

Dolomiti Super Sun 

Valid from 20.03.2021 to 11.04.2021

Skiers lodging 7 nights or more in an accommodation taking part in this special offer get 
one ski day for free 


Foggy Mountains

Winter 2020

Early Bird 


Valid until 

December the 30th!

Special prices

on one-bedroom apartments

for guests who book a stay of minimum 7 nights

by the end of October